Mind Control?

  • Mind Control?

    Mind Control?

    The Mind Has No Fire Walls The “Mind Has No Firewalls” is an article written by Timothy L. Thomas, a US Army strategic studies analyst. The article discusses the potential vulnerabilities of the human mind to psychological operations (PsyOps) and the need for the military to understand and address these vulnerabilities. In the article, Thomas argues …

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  • Food Safety?

    Food Safety?

    18,000 Cows Killed in massive Texas farm explosion? Source: jswtv.tv The following excerpt is courtesy of Texas Public Radio – In April of 2023, more than 18,000 cows died and one farm worker is in critical condition following a dairy farm fire in the Texas Panhandle (Lubbock). The 18,000 cows killed represent just a fraction …

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  • Plant Based Vaccines

    Plant Based Vaccines

    What are Plant-Based Vaccines Plant-based vaccines are vaccines that are produced using plants as the host for the production of the antigenic component of the vaccine. The antigen is the substance that triggers an immune response in the body, leading to the production of antibodies to protect against the targeted disease. In plant-based vaccine production, the …

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