• Dog Moms

    Dog Moms

    The First Domesticated Dog? While the exact details are fuzzy, the first domesticated dog likely resembled a grey wolf, but friendlier.  Imagine a less wary pup, perhaps with floppy ears or a shorter snout, hanging around human settlements for scraps.  This early canine companion, through generations of selective breeding and co-evolution, eventually blossomed into the …

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  • Sand, Ships and Cyber Attacks?

    Sand, Ships and Cyber Attacks?

    Ships Gone Haywire! How Cyber Attacks Could Spook Your Family – Imagine this: you’re building a giant sandcastle at the beach, and a bully starts to fling sand everywhere, making a huge mess. That’s what happens when cargo ships get hacked by cyber-bad guys.  These hackers are like bullies in the computer world. They sneak …

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  • Girls Who Love Pickles

    Girls Who Love Pickles

    Quick Guide to Pickled Cucumbers: Want a zesty snack that packs a punch? Then try your hand at pickling cucumbers! It’s easier than you think, and the results are oh-so-satisfying. This recipe is for Quick Pickles, ready to enjoy in just a few hours. Perfect for impatient women (and men) who crave that satisfying crunch. Ingredients:  …

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  • Fortune Favors The Bold

    Fortune Favors The Bold

    Fortune Favors the Bold: A Call to Embrace Courage The world whispers caution. It throws up roadblocks, whispers doubts, and lays out paths paved with comfort and the familiar. But within us burns a yearning, a flicker of ambition that begs us to break free. It’s in this space, between hesitation and action, that the ancient …

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  • Young Millionaires

    Young Millionaires

    Here is how much you would need to make per month, week, day, and hour to earn $1,000,000 per year: Per month: $83,333 per month Per week: $19,230 per week Per day: $2,732 per day Per hour: $341 per hour (based on an 8 hour work day) The breakdown: There are 12 months in a …

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  • Got Banned?

    Got Banned?

    Toxic Fashion to ‘Dye’ For? In 2018, Delta airlines unveiled new uniforms made of a synthetic-blend fabric. Soon after, flight attendants began to get sick. Alden Wicker explains how toxic chemicals get in clothes in To Dye For.  Source:  The following excerpt is courtesy of – Delta Air Lines workers have filed a …

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  • Cobalt Red

    Cobalt Red

    Electric Cars & Smartphones “There are many episodes in the history of the Congo that are bloodier than what is happening in the mining sector today, but none of these episodes ever involved so much suffering for so much profit linked so indispensably to the lives of billions of people around the world.” Siddhartha Kara …

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  • The Jab

    The Jab

    Placebo, Control and Effect What’s a Placebo? A placebo is a substance or treatment that is inert or inactive, meaning it does not contain any active ingredients or therapeutic properties. Despite its lack of specific medicinal effects, a placebo can still have a significant impact on a person’s perception of their symptoms and overall well-being. …

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  • The Richest Man in Babylon

    The Richest Man in Babylon

    The Timeless Guide to Financial Success Image of ancient Babylonian is courtesy of the Westport Library “The Richest Man in Babylon” is a classic personal finance book written by George S. Clason. It offers timeless financial wisdom through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon. The book presents a series of financial principles that …

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  • Affirmative Action?

    Affirmative Action?

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action “I’ve heard the word diversity quite a few times, and I don’t have a clue what it means. It seems to mean everything for everyone.” – Justice CLARENCE THOMAS The following excerpt is courtesy of THE HILL – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas read his concurring opinion from the …

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