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“There are many episodes in the history of the Congo that are bloodier than what is happening in the mining sector today, but none of these episodes ever involved so much suffering for so much profit linked so indispensably to the lives of billions of people around the world.”

Siddhartha Kara – “Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives”

How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives

Congo’s Electric Rocks?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to an astounding natural phenomenon known as the Electric Mineral Rock. This bizarre formation found deep in the earth consists of conductive minerals such as quartz, copper, and zinc that have the ability to produce electrical currents. When pressure is applied to the rock, it generates enough power that it can actually light up a lightbulb! The Electric Mineral Rock offers insights into our strange and fascinating planet while also presenting potential opportunities for an alternative energy source. The Congolese people have known about the rock’s mythical properties for centuries, incorporating it into folklore and legends. While the outside world is only recently discovering this natural wonder, it promises to be an intriguing subject of study for both geologists and alternative energy researchers in the future. The Electric Mineral Rock is just one of the many natural marvels that the breathtaking Congo region has to offer the world.

Chip War – US vs. China

The ongoing technology conflict between the United States and China has come to a head in recent years in the domain of semiconductor chips. Referred to as the “chip war”, the U.S. and China are locked in high stakes competition to dominate the critical industry that powers everything from smartphones to missiles. With China heavily reliant on imported chips and the U.S. government imposing export controls to limit Chinese access, China aims to achieve self-sufficiency through major investments and subsidies for domestic chip companies. However, the U.S. retains its advantage in chipmaking expertise and advanced semiconductor designs. The chip war has escalated under the Biden administration, which passed the CHIPS Act to boost American semiconductor manufacturing. Meanwhile, China continues to heavily fund its semiconductor initiatives like the Made in China 2025 plan. The chip war has disrupted global supply chains and divided the technology sphere into separate ecosystems. Its outcome could determine which superpower shapes the future of strategic technologies like AI, 5G, and quantum computing.

Rare Earth Metals found in USA

What are the 17 rare earth (metals) that China controls? Misha Glenny explores the world of rare earth metals and other critical raw materials. They are vital for the future of technology and the green transition. But some see China’s monopoly on production as a major global threat. To learn more listen to the Scramble for Rare Earths >> click here

As of November 2022, China controls more than 71% of the world’s extraction and 87% of the world’s processing capacity of rare earths. Source:

Why are Chinese Children Learning Igbo?

There are some interesting linguistic similarities and proposed historical connections between Hebrew and Igbo, though the exact relationship remains uncertain:

  • Igbo is a Niger-Congo language spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria. Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language that originated in the Middle East. So they come from very different language families geographically. However, there are some striking lexical similarities between words in Hebrew and Igbo. For example, the words for tongue, hand, year, and man are nearly identical in both languages.
  • This has led some researchers to hypothesize that Igbo and Hebrew may be related or have influenced each other. Some theories suggest a possible ancient migration of Semitic peoples to Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Additionally, the phonology of Igbo seems to have some features, like consonantal roots, that are similar to other Afroasiatic languages like Hebrew. This suggests a possible Afroasiatic substratum in Igbo’s development.
  • However, not all linguists accept these proposed connections between the two languages as conclusive evidence of a historical relationship. Further research is needed to determine if and how Hebrew may have influenced the development of Igbo.
  • Regardless of the unclear linguistic origins, Hebrew and Igbo represent fascinating case studies in the global dispersion of language families and the complex cultural intersections found throughout human history.

Self Charging Electric Car?

Who is Maxwell Chikumbutso?

Maxwell Chikumbutso is an inventor from Zimbabwe who has developed an innovative electric car powered by radio frequencies rather than conventional batteries. Chikumbutso founded the company Saith Technologies to design and manufacture the technology. His prototype RF electric vehicle is able to charge wirelessly through radio frequency signals at charging stations. This eliminates the need for lithium-ion batteries which are expensive, have limited range, and long charging times. 

Chikumbutso claims his RF technology can power electric cars to travel over 500 kilometers on a single charge. The radically new design also replaces an engine with electric motors, and is estimated to be far cheaper to produce. While experts are still validating the feasibility, Chikumbutso’s invention holds exciting potential for a low-cost, efficient electric vehicle with wireless charging capabilities. His developments in Zimbabwe highlight African innovation and could revolutionize sustainable transportation globally if scalable.

The Saith Holdings Inc. founder previously made headlines inventing the world’s first-ever green power generator, which can produce electricity using RF technology. Chikumbutso’s other inventions include an electric-powered car and a multi-fueled helicopter.


Oil Mafai Poisons RF Inventor?

How to make free energy using magnestim?


John Searl is an inventor who claims to have created a revolutionary generator able to produce electricity perpetually without fuel. His device consists of a series of magnetic rings rotating around electromagnetic coils. According to Searl, once set in motion, the magnetic fields sustain continuous motion that can be harnessed to generate unlimited clean electricity. He calls his invention the Searl Effect Generator (SEG). The SEG is purported to utilize unique magnetic forces Searl discovered through his own undefined laws. Though simple in concept, Searl asserts a fully functional SEG would be capable of cheaply and indefinitely powering devices, electric grids, transportation and homes. However, despite decades of development, Searl’s SEG remains unproven technology with uncertain scientific foundations. Mainstream physicists have dismissed his inventions as pseudoscience and perpetual motion devices impossible under the laws of thermodynamics. Yet, if ever substantiated and scaled, the SEG’s potential to solve the globe’s energy needs cannot be understated.

The John Searl Story