15 Minute Cities

What’s a 15 Minute City?

Have you ever heard of a “15 minute city”? It’s a new way of planning cities to make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone who lives there! In a 15 minute city, everything you need is within a 15 minute walk or bike ride from your home. That means you don’t need to use a car or a bus to go to school, go shopping, or meet your friends.

There are lots of good things about living in a 15 minute city. First, it’s better for the environment, because you don’t need to use cars or buses as much, which means there are fewer greenhouse gases and less pollution. Second, it’s good for your health, because you can walk or bike to school and other places, which gives you exercise and fresh air. Finally, it’s good for your community, because you can get to know your neighbors and support local businesses.

There are also some things to think about when planning a 15 minute city. For example, it might be harder for some people to get around if they have a disability or if they live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have many stores or services. It might also be more expensive to live in a 15 minute city, because the cost of living near everything you need might be higher.

What’s the Con?